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Privacy Policy

When you access this website certain information is collected to allow statistics to be built and to provide functionality when using a Lifeportal account.

What Data Is Collected

Upon loading the website, information about your computer or device is gathered including your IP address, web browser version and operating system. This data does not identify you as an individual, it simply provides statistics on how users load the website and what kind of device they use.
When creating a Lifeportal account, you will be asked to provide a name and email address. These are stored on the Lifeportal server and only used to communicate with yourself or to identify your account should you raise a support request. Your details are never used for any other reason, nor are they shared with any third parties.

Information you provide when creating items on your account is stored on the server and only retrieved by the system for the purposes of displaying to you when using the website. These details are not accessed at any other time.
Any sensitive data that you choose to upload is done so at your own risk. All attempts are made to ensure data is fully protected and not accessible to unauthorised persons.

How Collected Data Is Used

Data that is collected is handled as per the rules set out by the Data Protection Act. When you create an account and provide details such as your name and email address, this is stored on a server and used only to provide access to website functionality such as sending you emails for forgotten passwords or to assist locating your account should you experience issues.
Any data relating to items you create within your account is never accessed other than to allow you to view it or if you have a support request open that requires this to be looked at.
Data gathered about your device and web browser is used only for reporting purposes and for tracking user statistics such as page views and how often the website is accessed. These statistics will be used to help improve the website.

No data that you provide will ever be used outside of the Lifeportal website. At no point is any data shared with third parties.


Cookies are used on this website for two reasons;

Google Analytics is a reporting tool from Google that allows information about the user's web browser to be gathered for reporting purposes.This uses a cookie called "_ga" within your web browser and is used to distinguish between users.
This is useful information in regards to knowing if the website is being accessed mainly from mobile browsers or desktops and which are the popular web browsers. This allows development to be concentrated on certain areas to ensure the website works best on the most common devices and browsers.

Lifeportal account functionality requires cookies to be set to enable session data to persist as you visit different sections of the website. This allows you to remain logged in as you load different pages and also if you use the remember me option on login.
To help protect against malicious attacks such as Cross-Site Request Forgery, a cookie is set so that only genuine requests are sent from your web browser to the server. This helps to prevent unauthorised actions being performed, such as sending requests to delete your items.
Cookie names you may see being set by Lifeportal include "XSRF_TOKEN", "laravel_session", "remember_web_xxxxx"(this will include a unique value at the end).

When you dismiss the cookie prompt message, a cookie named "cookieconsent_dismissed" is set so that you do not see the message again on the browser where you dismissed the message.

Accessing Your Data

You have the right to review and amend the data that we have stored for you. Should you wish to access data we may require you to confirm ownership of the email address associated to the account. You can request this by email at

Changes To The Privacy Policy

At times it may be necessary to update this policy to reflect the current website operations. Users will be notified by email prior to any change coming into effect.

About Lifeportal

With busy lives it's easy to forget things. Lifeportal has been created to act as the single point of information for items in your life.
Gone are the days of having to track down details in multiple online accounts or hunting for long lost paperwork around the house. Lifeportal allows you to store your details in one simple, secure place and to give yourself reminders when you need them.

Lifeportal is free to use and always will be.
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